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                           Theft Auto: San Andreas
                           100% Completion Guide
                           Authored by VampireHorde
                           Thanks for clicking on the FAQ. After so many sleepless nights and days 
                           (and a full-time job and classes), I finally accomplished the 
                           inevitable by achieving 100% in GTA: San Andreas.
                           This guide will reveal EVERY Main, Side, and Non-story mission in the 
                           game. I will also give critical tips for most (not all) missions. Any 
                           missions I leave blank are as simple to understand and don't need my 
                           It took me over 40 hours just to finish the main and side missions and 
                           another 20 just for the Non-story missions (like Ambulance, Vigilante, 
                           **This is NOT a step-by-step checklist! Do whatever missions in 
                           whatever order you like (but be sure that you do them all).
                           This guide was NOT derived from anybody else. All info is directly from 
                           my long-ass hours of playing this game. Yes, I have a life but that's 
                           no excuse to half-ass this game.
                           --EARLY CJ MISSIONS--
                           There's no need for me to explain anything here.
                           IN THE BEGINNING
                           BIG SMOKE
                           TIP: Choose the afro.
                           --SWEET MISSIONS--
                           TAGGING UP TURF
                           TIP: You'll need to look around for the other two tags (they won't be 
                           indicated on the map for some reason).
                           CLEANING THE HOOD
                           TIP: Use a Pistol instead of the knife to cap the crack dealer.
                           TIP: Stick to driving the car only. Let Sweet and the boys do the work.
                           If you try to help in the drive-by, there's a possibility that the 
                           Balla cars you're shooting may explode too soon and cause yours too 
                           explode too.
                           NINES AND AKS
                           TIPS: NOW join the gang when doing the drive-bys. Since there are no 
                           cars around (to damage your car), help the boys with the shooting.
                           SWEET'S GIRL
                           CESAR VIALPANDO
                           TIP: The timing on this mini-game is super strict! Focus on the beats 
                           and use the Right Analog Stick. 
                           TIP: Be sure to pick up the weapons the Ballas drop during each wave.
                           LOS SEPULCROS 
                           (This mission is only available after you acquire enough territory in 
                           East Los Santos)
                           REUNITING THE FAMILIES
                           TIP: When Smoke arrives in the car with Ryder, you'll begin shooting 
                           cops in first-person. Shoot the cop car's windows so that you can 
                           directly kill the driver.
                           GREEN SABRE
                           These missions open up after the "HOMECOMING" mission:
                           BEAT DOWN ON B-DUP
                           TIP: Follow my suggestions from the "DOBERMAN" missions and you should 
                           be fine.
                           GROVE 4 LIFE
                           TIP: Same as above.
                           --RYDER MISSIONS--
                           HOME INVASION
                           TIP: Take your time when hauling the stuff outside. Rush yourself and 
                           you'll fail the mission.
                           TIP: When flinging crates simply aim the reticle on Ryder's face or 
                           body and then press L1.
                           ROBBING UNCLE SAM
                           TIP: Focus on hauling the stuff in the forklift to the truck and let 
                           Ryder do the shooting. But if his health gets low, help him out!
                           --BIG SMOKE MISSIONS--
                           OG LOC
                           TIP: Try to gun down Freddy from his bike to save time. Otherwise just 
                           follow him until he dismounts.
                           RUNNING DOG
                           TIP: Rapidly tap the Run button to catch up with the dealer and cap 
                           WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKS
                           TIP: Try to stay in the middle of the tracks and focus on getting to 
                           the front. Let Smoke do the shooting and watch out for the train on the 
                           opposite side!
                           JUST BUSINESS
                           TIP #1: Focus on shooting the guys on the bikes. The shooters in the 
                           cars are a lesser threat than the bikers. Occasionally shoot the big 
                           truck too.
                           TIP #2: When Smoke stops at the roadblock, focus on destroying the car 
                           IN FRONT of the bike NOT the cars on the side. Destroying it will allow 
                           Smoke to continue into the aqueducts.
                           --OG LOC MISSIONS--
                           LIFE'S A BEACH
                           TIP: When speaking with the DJ, accept her offer to dance to trigger 
                           the dancing mini-game. Press right on the D-pad to respond twice 
                           (positive) to start the game.
                           MADD DOGG'S RHYME BOOK
                           MANAGEMENT ISSUES
                           TIP: Since CJ can swim; it's okay to bail out of the car and land into 
                           the water.
                           HOUSE PARTY
                           TIP: Keep running around and strafing when capping the Ballas. Use the 
                           crouch and roll and don't forget to replenish your ammo from those dead 
                           --CESAR VIALPANDO MISSIONS--
                           HIGH STAKES, LOW-RIDER
                           TIP: Be a cheater. Cut corners and you'll take first place before the 
                           second to third checkpoint.
                           KING IN EXILE (cutscene only)
                           This scene triggers the Courier missions.
                           WU ZI MU
                           TIP: Be a cheater. Cut corners and you'll take first place. Make sure 
                           to use the Handbrakes to do turns.
                           PHOTO OPPORTUNITY
                           TIP #1: Ryder and T-Bone Mendez will emerge from the left of the 
                           building. Toreno and Jizzy B will emerge in front of it.
                           TIP #2: Photograph all 4 men when they EXIT their cars.  Be quick about 
                           ZEROING IN
                           TIP: You don't need to do the P.I.T. maneuver to scare the driver off.
                           TEST DRIVE
                           TIP: Don't follow Cesar too closely because he attracts police 
                           attention to himself. After you exit the shortcut "alleyway", you can 
                           then follow him as close as you want.
                           CUSTOMS FAST TRACK
                           TIP: No matter which container you choose, the first two you take on 
                           the crane will always be the wrong one.
                           PUNCTURE WOUNDS
                           TIP: Don't believe what Cesar says about the "crazy bitch that messes 
                           with my sanity". The driver you're chasing after isn't as fast as he 
                           says she is. In fact, she tends to bump into walls and veer off the 
                           road, so this mission isn't as difficult as it seems.
                           --CJ MISSIONS--
                           These missions are unlocked after completing "Are You Going To San 
                           WEAR FLOWERS IN YOUR HAIR
                           **For some reason, I find it funny that CJ refers to the GTA3 guy as a 
                           "mute muthafucker" and Cesar's cousin Catalina as a "bitch ass".
                           555 WE TIP
                           TIP: When destroying the Portables, run it all the way down so that you 
                           also run over the worker inside.
                           ICE COLD KILLA
                           TIP: Use drive-bys or try ramming Jizzy's car off the road. But don't 
                           destroy the car with him inside!
                           PIER 69
                           TIP: Do not bother with the other Ballas when approaching T-Bone. Run 
                           directly to T-Bone and cap him to trigger the next scene.
                           TORENO'S LAST FLIGHT
                           TIP: DO NOT drive on the freeway in the opposite lanes! Doing so will 
                           cause the helicopter to get away because of constant crashes.
                           YAY KA-BOOM-BOOM
                           These missions are unlocked after completing Salvatore's last mission 
                           in Las Venturas:
                           A HOME IN THE HILLS
                           TIP: You DON'T have to land directly on the helipad to start the 
                           VERTICAL BIRD
                           **This mission is the most difficult one in the game, IMHO. It's not 
                           because the mission's hard, but because the learning curve on the Hydra 
                           Jet is SUPER, SUPER, SUPER STEEP! It took me a full hour just to get 
                           this one mission done right.
                           CUT THROAT BUSINESS
                           LOS DESPERADOS
                           END OF THE LINE
                           --TRUTH MISSIONS--
                           BODY HARVEST
                           TIP: Do not get out of the car when you approach the farm! Run all 
                           those hippy bitches down then run for the vehicle you came to steal. 
                           When you steal the vehicle, run them down again and see the mess you 
                           ARE YOU GOING TO SAN FIERRO?
                           TIP: Try to finish the Firefighter missions before doing this (so that 
                           your Fireproof). It'll make burning the marijuana bushes less painful.
                           --CATALINA MISSIONS--
                           FIRST DATE (cutscene only)
                           ++TANKER COMMANDER
                           TIP: When driving the tanker, make the drive easier on yourself by 
                           doing a drive-by on those two idiots in the car instead of driving the 
                           whole way through the mission with them on your ass.
                           FIRST BASE (cutscene only)
                           ++AGAINST ALL ODDS
                           TIP: Throw the Satchel on the front door and then throw one on the Safe 
                           GONE COURTING (cutscene only)
                           ++LOCAL LIQUOR STORE 
                           TIP: Make the mission less stressful by helping Catalina. Don't let her 
                           do the shooting alone, help her too! You're in an ATV, so start 
                           MADE IN HEAVEN (cutscene only)
                           ++SMALL TOWN BANK
                           TIP: You will NOT fail the mission if you lose sight of Catalina. If 
                           you do, catch up with her in the next town and then bring her back to 
                           her hideout.
                           FAREWELL MY LOVE (it's the GTA3 guy!)
                           TIP: Be a cheater and cut corners. The other drivers maybe ruthless but 
                           they aren't smart enough.
                           **All 4 ++ missions can be done in any order.
                           --TENPENNEY (C.R.A.S.H.) MISSIONS--
                           BURNING DESIRE
                           TIP: Press R1 to manually aim the Molotov cocktails at the windows
                           GRAY IMPORTS
                           TIP #1: You can kill the snitch from afar if you don't get too close to 
                           the FBI agents. 
                           TIP #2: Sneak around the back of the lodge and manually aim at the gas 
                           tank of the snitch's car and blow it up. Doing this won't allow the 
                           snitch to drive away. VERY SNEAKY AND CLEVER!
                           SNAIL TRAIL
                           TIP: Do NOT follow the train side by side. Get ahead of it and get to 
                           Market Station first instead! When you get there, run upstairs and try 
                           to get a motorcycle and then wait for the target and follow him.
                           HIGH NOON
                           --WUZI MU MISSIONS--
                           The following missions are found in San Fierro:
                           MOUNTAIN CLOUD BOYS
                           RAN FA LI
                           TIP: When exiting the airport, don't try to drive past the vans. 
                           Instead, get out of the car and shoot the guys down and THEN continue 
                           out of the airport.
                           TIP: Keep the damage on the vehicle low by doing drive-bys on those 
                           motorcycle bitches.
                           AMPHIBIOUS ASSAULT
                           TIP: You only need to press the Circle button ONCE when diving.
                           THE DA NANG THANG
                           GLITCH? For some reason, I never fought the Snakehead and I passed the 
                           mission anyway. Weird.
                           The following missions are found in Las Venturas:
                           FENDER KETCHUP
                           TIP: Drive like a madman! Go in wrong directions and do 180 spins to 
                           freak him out.
                           EXPLOSIVE SITUATION
                           YOU'VE HAD YOUR CHIPS
                           DON PEYOTE (we're back to Vice City!)
                           TIP: Kill all the rednecks at the Snake Farm to make the drive back to 
                           Rosie's less stressful.
                           FISH IN A BARREL (cutscene only)
                           --JIZZY B MISSIONS--
                           T-BONE MENDEZ
                           MIKE TORENO
                           TIP: Try doing the mission on a motorcycle. It'll make getting to the 
                           airport faster.
                           TIP: Watch out for shooters on high ledges! 
                           --ZERO MISSIONS--
                           You have to purchase Zero's property in order to unlock his missions.
                           AIR RAID
                           TIP: All the planes that approach the roof all arrive in the same order 
                           each time. Just shoot them down in the same pattern they arrive in.
                           SUPPLY LINES
                           NEW MODEL ARMY
                           --TORENO MISSIONS--
                           TIP: Follow the directions and keep your finger on the R1 button. This 
                           mission isn't as difficult as it looks.
                           TIP: Keep steady in the middle of the freeway and it'll allow Cesar 
                           enough time to jump in the truck.
                           VERDANT MEADOWS 
                           --ROSENBERG MISSIONS--
                           Yes, the pink suit wearing, coke-loving, neurotic lawyer from Vice City 
                           INTENSIVE CARE
                           TIP: No matter which ambulance you approach, the first two are always 
                           the real ones.
                           THE MEAT BUSINESS
                           TIP: Leave Rosenberg in the freezer and focus on killing the Mafiosos.
                           --MADD DOGG MISSION--
                           This mission is available after "THE MEAT BUSINESS" mission.
                           MADD DOGG
                           TIP: Make sure to back up and move forward SLOWLY when trying to catch 
                           --SALVATORE LEONE MISSIONS--
                           TIP: To land the plane successfully from a high altitude, put down the 
                           landing gear to keep the plane leveled.
                           SAINT MARK'S BISTRO (Liberty City again!)
                           TIP: Hopefully you're fast enough and unlocked HITMAN level with the 
                           --HEIST MISSIONS--
                           ARCHITECTURAL ESPIONAGE
                           TIP: Respond negatively, positively, and then positively to get the 
                           secretary to open the door for you.
                           KEY TO HER HEART (you're that bitch's gimp now!)
                           TIP #1: Try fighting pedestrians with your newly acquired 11-inch 
                           purple "weapon". 
                           TIP #2: If you don't want Millie as your girlfriend and need the 
                           keycard ASAP, simply shoot her and wait awhile for the door to her 
                           house to have a yellow arrow.
                           DAM AND BLAST
                           TIP: As long as you don't alert everyone at once, it's okay to rub out 
                           the security and civilians that spot you inside the Dam.
                           COP WHEELS
                           TIP: 2 of the motorbikes are left alone while policemen are driving the 
                           other two. Bump the policemen off instead of using weapons.
                           UP, UP AND AWAY!
                           TIP: You will unlock the Leviathan helicopter (the one you used in this 
                           mission) at the Airstrip once you pass this mission.
                           BREAKING THE BANK AT CALIGULA'S
                           --AIRFIELD MISSIONS--
                           Airplanes in this game are a goddamn pain in the ass to fly. Flying 
                           planes in Vice City was easier than this!
                           Passing all 10 Flying School tests unlocks the following missions:
                           TIP: DO NOT (BY ANY MEANS) fly through the city or the mountains! Use 
                           the ocean and fly west of San Fierro to keep from damaging the plane.
                           TIP #1: When rushing for the plane, stay on the LEFT side to avoid the 
                           TIP #2: Hide in between pallets (to avoid the rolling barrels) and just 
                           use fighting skills against the agents. 
                           BLACK PROJECT
                           TIP: Don't bother sneaking through the blast doors (but try the Thermal 
                           Goggles). Trigger a Condition Red and just head for the alternate 
                           GREEN GOO
                           TIP: The item you need is in the crate all the way in the front of the 
                           --DRIVING SCHOOL--
                           BACK TO SCHOOL
                           Complete all 12 driving tests to unlock the Racing Missions:
                           #1: THE 360
                           #2: THE 180
                           #3: WHIP AND TERMINATE
                           #4: POP AND CONTROL
                           #5: BURN AND LAP
                           #6: CONE COIL
                           #7: THE 90
                           #8: WHEELIE WEAVE (this one is the most difficult to pass)
                           #9: SPIN AND GO
                           #10: P.I.T. MANEUVER
                           #11: ALLEY OOP
                           #12: CITY SLICKING
                           Pass the tests and you'll unlock a new car near the Driving School 
                           parking lot with each certificate.
                           ALL BRONZE: SUPER GT
                           ALL SILVER:	BULLET
                           ALL GOLD:	TURISMO
                           --FLYING SCHOOL--
                           To unlock Flying School, you need to purchase the Airstrip for $80,000 
                           during the "VERDANT MEADOWS" mission from Toreno.
                           LEARNING TO FLY
                           Complete the 10 following (difficult) missions to acquire CJ's pilot 
                           #1: TAKEOFF
                           #2: LAND PLANE
                           #3: CIRCLE AIRSTRIP
                           #4: CIRCLE AIRSTRIP AND LAND
                           TIP: Before passing through the second to last corona, put down the 
                           landing gear so that the plane can level itself when you land. This may 
                           take a few tries but it will guarantee you a Gold Certificate.
                           #5: HELICOPTER TAKEOFF
                           #6: LAND HELICOPTER
                           #7: DESTROY TARGETS
                           #8: LOOP THE LOOP
                           #9: BARREL ROLL (this test is a bitch to pass)
                           #10: PARACHUTING
                           I achieved all GOLD Certificates for these Flying tests and I have 
                           proof, baby! YEAH!
                           BRONZE: Rustler
                           SILVER: Stuntplane
                           GOLD: Hunter
                           HYDRA FIGHTER JET - Complete the "VERTICAL BIRD" mission
                           LEVIATHAN - Complete the "UP, UP AND AWAY!" mission
                           --BOATING SCHOOL--
                           Complete the PIER 69 mission to unlock the Boat School. Complete all 5 
                           tests to acquire faster boats:
                           #1: BASIC SEAMANSHIP
                           #2: PLOT A COURSE
                           #3: FRESH SLALOM
                           #4: FLYING FISH
                           #5: LAND, SEA, AIR
                           Bronze Certificates unlock the Marquis. Silver and Gold Certificates 
                           unlock the Squallo and Jetmax (boats from Vice City!)
                           --MOTORCYCLE SCHOOL
                           The Bike School is available anytime once you enter Las Venturas. 
                           Complete all 6 tests to gain better biking skills:
                           #1: THE 360
                           #2: THE 180
                           #3: THE WHEELIE
                           #4: JUMP AND STOP
                           #5: THE STOPPIE
                           #6: JUMP AND STOPPIE
                           Silver Certificates unlock the Freeway bike near the Motorcycle school 
                           entrance. But Gold Certificates unlock nothing for some reason.
                           <<NON-STORY MISSIONS>>
                           The following challenges can be done anytime:
                           Make it to Level 10 to boost your Health.
                           TIP: Do this mission in Angel Pine or any small county on the map since 
                           the area is so small.
                           Make it to Level 12 to boost your Armor.
                           --FIRE TRUCK-- 
                           Just like in previous games, simply make it to Level 12 and you'll 
                           unlock "Fireproof".
                           Drop off 50 (thank god!) passengers consecutively to unlock Nitro in 
                           all Taxis and Cabbies.
                           WHERE TO FIND: Steal a Broadway vehicle and press R3 to trigger the 
                           Make it to Level 10 and you'll make money each time you pick up a 
                           --FREIGHT TRAIN-
                           WHERE TO FIND: Any train station with a stopped train.
                           Complete 5 successful deliveries on Level 1 and then exit the train. 
                           Enter another train to start Level 2. Complete 5 successful deliveries 
                           on Level 2 to complete the mission.
                           --BMX CHALLENGE--
                           WHERE TO FIND: Glen Park
                           Finish the checkpoint challenge to add points to your percentage.
                           --CHILIAD CHALLENGE
                           WHERE TO FIND: On top of Mount Chiliad
                           Complete all three BMX courses to add more points toward the 
                           #1 SCOTCH BONNET YELLOW ROUTE
                           #2 BIRDSEYE WINDER YELLOW ROUTE
                           #3 COBRA RUN
                           --NRG-500 CHALLENGE
                           WHERE TO FIND: Easter Basin near the Export Garage
                           Finish the checkpoint challenge to add more percentage points.
                           Make it to Level 5 to acquire the Vank Hoff Hotel assets
                           Complete all seven Quarry missions to acquire the Quarry assets:
                           #1 CLEAR THE ROCKS
                           #2 CLEAR THE EXPLOSIVES
                           #3 USE THE DUMPER TO KILL THE THIEVES
                           #4 DUMP THE DEAD BODIES
                           #5 DRIVE THE DUMPER TO THE AIRSTRIP
                           #6 CLEAR THE TRAIN TRACKS
                           #7 HIDE THE DEAD BODY
                           **All Quarry missions can be re-done at anytime after Mission #7
                           Complete all eight Trucker missions to acquire the Trucking assets:
                           #1 DELIVER MATERIALS SAFELY IN UNDER 2 GAME HOURS
                           #2 DELIVER FRAGILE STUFF TO LOS SANTOS
                           #3 DELIVER ILLEGAL STUFF TO LOS SANTOS
                           #4 DELIVER MATERIALS IN UNDER 5 GAME HOURS
                           #7 DELIVER ITEMS IN LESS THAN 6 GAME HOURS
                           **All missions can be re-done after Mission #8
                           --EXPORT/IMPORT MISSIONS--
                           WHERE TO FIND: Easter Basin in San Fierro after finishing the "CUSTOMS 
                           FAST TRACK" mission.
                           Export all 30 cars on the list to acquire any car you want!
                           LIST #1:
                           **You acquire the Monster Truck for the first five deliveries and the 
                           Windsor for the next 5 deliveries.
                           BLISTA COMPACT
                           **You acquire the Bandito for the first five deliveries and Turismo for 
                           the next five deliveries.
                           LIST #3:
                           SUPER GT
                           BF INJECTION
                           **You acquire the Vortex for the first five deliveries and the Bullet 
                           for the next five deliveries.
                           --ARENA MISSIONS--
                           Complete the 3 following stadium challenges to unlock cars outside the 
                           stadium in Las Venturas:
                           #1 8-TRACK
                           #2 DIRT TRACK
                           #3 KICKSTART
                           **Be sure to get First place in all three challenges!
                           --AMMUNATION CHALLENGE--
                           Complete the 4 shooting range challenges to unlock the ability to wield 
                           dual Pistols:
                           #1 PISTOL CHALLENGE
                           #2 SMG CHALLENGE
                           #3 SHOTGUN CHALLENGE
                           TIP: The Third Round of the Shotgun challenge is a little hard to pass. 
                           Rapidly tap the fire button to get as many shotgun blasts off before 
                           Booth 3 owns your ass.
                           #4 AK-47 CHALLENGE
                           **BIG NOTICE: If you exit the challenge or fail one of them, you will 
                           have to start the challenge all over again.
                           --COURIER CHALLENGE--
                           Complete all the Courier Challenges to acquire the property in each 
                           LOS SANTOS ROBOI'S FOOD MART (BMX):
                           #1: 3 MINUTES, 3 LOCATIONS
                           #2: 5 MINUTES, 4 LOCATIONS
                           #3: 5 MINUTES, 5 LOCATIONS
                           #4: 8 MINUTES, 6 LOCATIONS
                           SAN FIERRO HIPPY SHOPPER (FREEWAY):
                           #1: 3 MINUTES, 3 LOCATIONS
                           #2: 5 MINUTES, 4 LOCATIONS
                           #3: 5 MINUTES, 5 LOCATIONS
                           #4: 6 MINUTES, 4 LOCATIONS
                           LAS VENTURAS BURGER SHOT (FAGGIO):
                           #1: 3 MINUTES, 3 LOCATIONS
                           #2: 5 MINUTES, 4 LOCATIONS
                           #3: 5 MINUTES, 5 LOCATIONS
                           #4: 7 MINUTES, 6 LOCATIONS
                           --RACING MISSIONS--
                           Drive to the following locations to trigger racing missions in all 
                           three cities (look for the Trophy icon on the map):
                           <<LOS SANTOS LITTLE MEXICO>>
                           #1: LOWRIDER RACE
                           CAR: BLADE
                           #2: LITLE LOOP
                           CAR: NRG-500
                           #3: BACKROAD WANDERER
                           CAR: FCR-900
                           #4: CITY CIRCUIT
                           CAR: FCR-900
                           #5: VINEWOOD
                           CAR: SUNRISE
                           #6: FREEWAY
                           CAR: SUPER GT
                           #7: INTO THE COUNTRY
                           CAR: BULLET
                           #8: BADLANDS A & B
                           CAR: SABRE AND ZR-350
                           <<SAN FIERRO WANG AUTO>>
                           #1: DIRTBIKE DANGER
                           CAR: SANCHEZ
                           #2: BANDITO COUNTRY
                           CAR: BANDITO
                           #3: GO-GO CARTING
                           CAR: KART
                           #4: SAN FIERRO FASTLANE
                           CAR: ALPHA
                           #5: SAN FIERRO HILLS
                           CAR: PHOENIX
                           #6: COUNTRY ENDURANCE
                           CAR: BULLET
                           <<LAS VENTURAS AIRPORT FREIGHT DEPOT>>
                           #1: DAM RIDER
                           CAR: NRG-500
                           #2: DESERT TRICKS
                           CAR: FCR-900
                           #3: LAS VENTURAS RINGROAD
                           CAR: TURISMO
                           --AIRPLANE RACING--
                           Get your pilot's license at Verdant Meadows to unlock these challenges:
                           <<LAS VENTURAS AIRPORT>>
                           #1: WORLD WAR ACES
                           PLANE: RUSTLER
                           #2: BARNSTORMING
                           PLANE: STUNTPLANE
                           #3: MILITARY SERVICE
                           PLANE: HYDRA
                           #4: CHOPPER CHECKPOINT
                           PLANE: MAVERICK
                           #5: WHIRLY BIRD WAYPOINT
                           PLANE: MAVERICK
                           #6: HELI HELI
                           PLANE: HUNTER
                           --ALL 50 OYSTERS--
                           Finding all 50 Oysters boosts your Lung Capacity and Sex Appeal.
                           LOS SANTOS LOCATIONS:
                           15 Locations
                           Verdant Bluffs    1
                           Mulholland        1
                           Playa De Seville  1
                           Ocean Docks       3
                           LS Airport beach  1
                           Verona Beach      1
                           Marina            1
                           Santa Maria Beach 1
                           Glen Park         1
                           Fisher's Lagoon   1
                           Palomino Creek    1
                           Blueberry Bridge  1
                           Frederick Bridge  1
                           SAN FIERRO LOCATIONS:
                           28 Locations
                           Flint County      3
                           Beacon Hill       1
                           Whetstone         1
                           Mount Chiliad     1
                           Panopticon        1
                           Blueberry         1
                           Richman           2
                           Gant Bridge       2
                           Easter Basin      2
                           San Fierro Bay    2
                           Missionary Hill   1
                           Garver Bridge     1
                           Easter Bay        2
                           Tierra Robada     6
                           Valle Ocultado    1
                           Sherman Dam       1
                           LAS VENTURAS LOCATIONS:
                           7 Locations
                           Bone County Beach past golf club    1
                           Las Venturas Beach past KACC Fuels  1
                           V-Rock Hotel pool                   1
                           Visage Casino waterfall             1
                           Pirates In Men's Pants (PIMP) on skull    1
                           The Pilgrim pool                    1
                           Come A Lot moat                     1
                           That's all 50 locations. I won't go into detail so please refer to the 
                           Oyster FAQ for in-depth coverage.
                           --ALL 100 TAGS--
                           Spraying all Tags will unlock 4 weapons (AK-47, Molotov Cocktails, 
                           Sawed off Shotgun, and a Tec-9) at the Johnson house:
                           Idlewood          10
                           East LS           11
                           Las Colinas       7
                           East Beach        8
                           Los Flores        2
                           Playa De Seville  6
                           Ocean Docks       4
                           Willowfield       6
                           Ganton            2
                           Jefferson         6
                           Glen Park         4
                           Little Mexico     3
                           El Corona         6
                           Pershing Square   2
                           Commerce          1
                           Verona Beach      2
                           Market            4
                           Downtown LS       3
                           Mulholland        2
                           Vinewood          1
                           Temple            1
                           Marina            2
                           Rodeo             2
                           Santa Maria Beach 2
                           Verdant Bluffs    1
                           LS Airport        2
                           This is an exact count of Tags in each area. I won't go into detail but 
                           hopefully someone will create an easy to understand FAQ soon.
                           --ALL HORSE SHOES--
                           Finding all Horseshoes will unlock 4 weapons (M4, Shotgun, Satchels, 
                           and MP5) at the Four Dragons and will increase Luck.
                           **A lot of the Horseshoes are scattered in so many areas that I can't 
                           properly describe them without sounding lost. I will try to conjure up 
                           a checklist on the next update.
                           --ALL PHOTO OPS--
                           Snapping all the 50 Photo Ops will unlock 4 weapons (SMG, SPAS-12, 
                           Sniper, and Grenades) at CJ's garage in Doherty.
                           **Please refer to the Photo Ops FAQ at IGN for all 50 locations
                           --ACQUIRE ALL PROPERTIES--
                           ZERO RC SHOT
                           Finish Zero's missions to acquire the property
                           WANG AUTOSHOP
                           Finish the "PUNCTURE WOUNDS" mission to acquire the property
                           Finish the "GREEN GOO" mission to acquire the property
                           ALL 3 COURIER SHOPS
                           Finish all Courier deliveries to acquire the property
                           VANK HOFF HOTEL
                           Finish the Valet missions to acquire the property
                           RS HAULING
                           Finish the Trucker missions to acquire the property
                           HUNTER QUARRY
                           Finish the Quarry missions to acquire the property
                           --ALL SAVE HOUSES--
                           LOS SANTOS LOCATIONS:
                           El Corona
                           Verona Beach
                           Palomino Creek
                           Santa Maria Beach (my personal favorite!)
                           Angel Pine
                           SAN FIERRO LOCATIONS:
                           Calton Heights (the zigzag road!)
                           Tierra Robada
                           Fort Carson
                           El Quebrados
                           LAS VENTURAS LOCATIONS:
                           Whitewood Estates
                           Prickle Pine
                           Old Venturas Strip
                           Redsands West
                           The Clown's Pocket
                           Pirates In Men's Pants (they should just call it the PIMP Hotel)
                           The Camel's Toe
                           These are all the Safe Houses and Suites that should be purchased in 
                           the game. I'll refrain from giving out the prices but just know that 
                           90% of the houses or suites you buy cost around $10-20k each.
                           TIME KILLERS
                           You DO NOT need to do the following missions or mini-games to get 100% 
                           (but do them anyway!):
                           --2-PLAYER RAMPAGES
                           This is a great mini-game but is better left alone.
                           LOS SANTOS LOCATIONS:
                           Pershing Square
                           SAN FIERRO LOCATIONS:
                           Las Pasyadus
                           El Quebrados
                           LAS VENTURAS LOCATIONS:
                           Camel's Toe
                           Royal Casino
                           --POOL TABLE
                           Playing pool is a great way to waste time. You don't gain percentage 
                           for winning or losing.
                           LOS SANTOS LOCATIONS: NEXT UPDATE!
                           SAN FIERRO LOCATIONS: NEXT UPDATE!
                           LAS VENTURAS LOCATIONS: NEXT UPDATE!
                           --VIDEO GAMES
                           Avoid these games as much as possible!
                           GO GO SPACE MONKEY
                           LET'S GET READY TO BUMBLE
                           THEY CAME FROM URANUS
                           You don't score any points for making or missing shots in the court. 
                           And besides, CJ can only play solo anyway.
                           LOS SANTOS LOCATIONS: NEXT UPDATE!
                           SAN FIERRO LOCATIONS: NEXT UPDATE!
                           LAS VENTURAS LOCATIONS: NEXT UPDATE!
                           Technically, only Denise and Millie are key girlfriends in the main 
                           story but the others don't add to your percentage:
                           WHERE TO FIND:
                           DENISE - from the "Burning Desire" mission
                           MICHELLE - inside the Driving School 
                           HELENA - on the balcony of Ammunation in Blueberry
                           BARBARA - at the parking lot outside Police station in El Quebrados
                           KATIE - at the golf course in San Fierro (across the Martial Arts gym)
                           MILLIE - from the "Key To Her Heart" mission
                           GIRLFRIEND PREFERENCES:
                           Denise and Millie are your girlfriends by default so there's nothing 
                           you can do about it.
                           Michelle, Helena, and Barbara - these three must love fat people 
                           because they will NOT go out with CJ if he has too much muscle. 
                           Yes, I drove all the way around San Andreas to meet with each of them 
                           and got rejected. (No fat = no punanny)
                           If you want to start a relationship with these girls, you'll need to 
                           start eating more junk food. So start that binging, tubby bitch!
                           Katie is the only girl (out of the six) who will go out with CJ if he's 
                           packing the six-pack. If you spent all your time in the gym getting 
                           buff, then Katie is the girl for you.
                           --HOME INVASIONS
                           Only the mission with Ryder gains percentage. Every home invasion from 
                           there is optional.
                           This mini-game earns you cash and unlocks more songs to dance to but 
                           doesn't add to your percentage.
                           LOS SANTOS LOCATIONS: NEXT UPDATE!
                           SAN FIERRO LOCATIONS: NEXT UPDATE!
                           LAS VENTURAS LOCATIONS: NEXT UPDATE!
                           --LOWRIDER COMPETITION
                           Same as the dancing mini-game.
                           --THE GYM
                           Working out in the gym can only make CJ look better but won't add to 
                           the percentage. Sparring with trainers unlocks new moves.
                           There are two competitions only on weekends that can garner lots of 
                           cash but still doesn't add to your percentage:
                           #1: SANTA MARIA BEACH: BEAT THE COCK
                           PRIZE: $10,000
                           #2: FISHER'S LAGOON: BEAT THE COCK
                           PRIZE: $10,000
                           --BEEFY BARON
                           WHERE TO FIND: Enter red marker in Zero's RC Shop
                           You can make extra cash destroying TopFun Vans but it still won't add 
                           to your percentage.
                           Playing these games doesn't count towards your percentage but can 
                           garner lots of cash and raise your LUCK:
                           INSIDE TRACK BETTING
                           VIDEO POKER
                           WHEEL OF FORTUNE
                           CASINO LOCATIONS:
                           The Four Dragons
                           Caligula's Palace
                           --GANG WARS
                           Believe it or not, acquiring more territory DOES NOT add to your 
                           percentage. It only increases the amount of cash received back at the 
                           Johnson House. 
                           TIP: You should have 53 total territories seized before heading to San 
                           Fierro. Acquiring all territories boosts your RESPECT meter by 75% but 
                           beware! After the "HOMECOMING" mission, all territories you gained will 
                           be lost and you'll have to acquire the territories all over again!
                           --ALL UNIQUE STUNT JUMPS
                           For the first time in a GTA game, USJ's DO NOT count towards your 
                           percentage. There are over 70 USJ's and are pretty tricky to find.
                           LOS SANTOS COUNTY JUMPS (28 jumps total):
                           El Coro           1
                           Conference        1
                           Willowfield       2
                           Jefferson         3
                           Ocean Docks       4
                           East Beach        2
                           LS Airport        3
                           Market            1
                           Mulholland        3
                           Rodeo             1
                           Vinewood          1
                           Commerce          1
                           Montgomery        1
                           Santa Maria Beach 1
                           Fisher's Lagoon   1
                           Dillimore         1
                           Palomino Creek    1
                           SAN FIERRO COUNTY JUMPS (30 jumps total):
                           Mount Chiliad     1
                           Angel Pine        1
                           Whetstone         1
                           Blueberry         5
                           Panopticon        2
                           Santa Flora       1
                           San Fierro        1
                           Downtown          1
                           Battery Point     1
                           Esplanade East    1
                           Doherty           2
                           Juniper Hollow    1
                           Carlton Heights   1
                           Juniper Hill      1
                           Financial         1
                           Easter Basin      1
                           EB Airport        2
                           Foster Valley     1
                           Las Pasyadas      2
                           Verdant Meadows   1
                           Arca Del Peste    1
                           Valle Ocultado    1
                           LAS VENTURAS COUNTY JUMPS (12 jumps total):
                           Emerald Isle      5
                           The Camel's Toe   2
                           Creek             1
                           Redsands West     2
                           Julius Thruway Freeway past Emerald Isle   1
                           Randolph Industry	1
                           That's all 70 jumps. I won't go into details for each one but hopefully 
                           someone will write an FAQ soon!
                           There you go! This is all you need to know for achieving that precious 
                           100% save on your memory card and for bragging rights. If there is 
                           anything that is unclear in the FAQ, please e-mail me at the address 
                           below. I will answer any questions I can about the game.
                           This FAQ is only for use on GameFAQS. You may not copy, link, or 
                           reproduce this FAQ to your website or publication without permission. 
                           If you want to use this FAQ, please e-mail me at 
                           I have no problems with anyone who asks. October 2004.


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