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Unlock Madden Cards:
     Go  to My Madden at the menu, select My Madden, then go to Madden
Codes. Enter the case-sensitive code to unlock the corresponding card:

Code:                   Result:
P67E1I T.J.             Duckett (Gold)

Madden 2005 Cheats

Historic Team Cards: #225-249
These particular cards make the Historic Teams available at the team select screen.

Stadium Cards: #220-224
These particular cards will unlock the stadiums, and make them available for exhibition games.

Cheat Cards: #188-219
These particular cards will unlock cheats for in-game use similar to previous madden versions.

Storyline Central:
Utilize this feature to make critical franchise decisions during the season and post-season by getting the inside-scoop around the league.

Easy Draft Picks:
If you go to free agents you can sign the best available player (all salary no bonus, otherwise you\'ll get stuck with cap penalties) then trade him for the best draft pick you can. Usually a player in the high 70's will get you a 5th rounder a 80's will get you a fourth. Do this enough and you'll be able to package those picks later for higher picks on draft day.

Remember to trade picks with a team not expected to play well during that particular year so you can get the highest possible draft selection.

When in franchise mode, before the trade deadline in week 6 you can trade your 1st round pick for the team who is currently in last place for there 1st, 2nd and sometimes even 3rd round pick. This works best if you are 5-0 and the other team is 0-5 but fool around with it and you'll see what I mean.

Hit Stick:
Utilize this feature (right analog-stick) to make big-time tackles and turnovers. This feature works well online and helps correct problems with head-to-head/online play from previous versions of Madden, since it slightly removes the possibility of a chance turnover (CPU decision) and puts the possibility/chance of turnovers into the hands of the gamer.

Card codes:
If you want to submit the Card codes, pick the "My Madden" option at the main menu. Choose the "Madden Cards" option, then select the "Madden Codes" to submit the code.

Card Code
Michael Vick Gold Card A49H6R
T.J. Duckett Gold Card P67E1I

Special card unlocks:
In addition to the normal way to unlock a card, some cards require a specific task to be completed.

Card 2: Earn a Gold in the All-Madden Chase and Tackle drill.
Card 30: Earn a Gold in the All-Madden Coffin Corner drill.
Card 38: Earn a Gold in the All-Madden Ground Attack drill.
Card 42: Earn a Gold in the All-Madden Precision Passing drill.
Card 52: Earn a Gold in the All-Madden Swat Ball drill.
Card 99: Earn a Gold in the All-Madden Trench Fight drill.
Card 104: Earn a Gold in the All-Madden Clutch Kicking drill.
Card 147: Earn a Gold in the All-Madden Pocket Presence drill.
Card 195: Earn a Gold in the Ground Attack drill.
Card 197: Earn a Gold in the Clutch Kicking drill.
Card 199: Earn a Gold in the Swat Ball drill.
Card 208: Earn a Gold in the Pocket Presence drill.
Card 209: Earn a Gold in the Trench Fight drill.
Card 210: Earn a Gold in the Precision Passing drill.
Card 211: Earn a Gold in the Coffin Corner drill.

Cheerleader and Pump Up Crowd Cards #250-281:
Finish the "Game Situation" challenges in mini-camp mode. The Cheerleader or Pump Up Crowd Cards for the team used will be unlocked for exhibition games..

Madden Cards and game cheats:
Get a gold rank in any event on the All Pro, Pro and Rookie levels in mini-camp mode.

Easy Trades:
When in a season you can make a player. Make all stats great except for injury and stamina and toughness. Then go to free agents and sign him. Now you can trade him for anybody you want to. (in my case, a draft pick and a good rookie) the created guy will get injured and will not play